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Where do you get these stories from?

Anyone who follows me on social media can see how transparent and open I am about my academic journey and mission to #DiversifySTEM. That being said, social media also inspires me as much as I seek to inspire. You will soon see that some of my stories are ripped street from the pages of these social media streets and injected with my STEM mind.

#ElevatedInferno is based upon a story I saw on Instagram about a college student who livestreamed her elevator rescue. Her rescuer was gorgeous and everyone in the comments encouraged her to make a love connection. After going viral, the firefighter's sister found the post and encouraged her brother to respond. Hopes were dashed when it was discovered he was married with kids. Well that will never do in my steamy, sexy, STEM stories so now the love story of Monet and Rhys was born.

Readers will also recognize a future story about an unsuspecting police officer who goes viral when the department posts his photo on a job recruitment ad. Not sure that police department ever filled that position but they definitely had plenty of grateful women posting their thanks in the comments.

Coming after the #FirstResponderFairyTales and #CatalystChronicles will be #LoveAtCarousel3 created completely through a Twitter thread with @smileitsjoy. I cannot wait to see what my mind will imagine and I can't wait to hear what you think of my vision to marry #BlackWomenSTEM and #AfricanAmericanRomance to normalize, promote, and support diversity in STEM. I'm here to make STEM sexy, romantic, steamy, and exciting.

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