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Breaking Point: Chandler's choice

The wait is finally over, Black STEM Romance, book 2 from First Responder Fairytales is on the way.

To my dedicated readers, thank you for your patience. For my new readers, Welcome!

One of my previous blog posts questioned whether an engineering professor could write romance novels. My response was why not? Absolutely yes. However, that being said, a busy engineering professor can write romance novels but the frequency may be slow. Elevated Inferno: Monet's Moment was released right before my birthday on July 1, 2022. So on the one-year anniversary, prepare for the release of Breaking Point: Chandler's Choice. Just like some Black Women in STEM have imposter syndrome in our field due to negative stereotypes, I had the same syndrome about my ability to to write contemporary romance fiction even after writing technical books and papers for over twenty years. So, Elevated Inferno receiving the 2022 Indie Story Geek Writing the Future We Need: Black Representation award was just the validation I needed to know that I was on the right path,

Now let's meet the main characters in Breaking Point, Moses and Chandler.


If you read Elevated Inferno, you've met Moses before. Moses was the best friend of firefighter Rhys. He helped Rhys to connect with Monet through social media and encouraged Monet to stick with Rhys when there were challenges. Moses is also a firefighter but a little different from Rhys. Moses is outgoing, impulsive, and all about having fun. He is an avowed player with no signs of slowing down. When he meets Chandler, his ability to maintain a no commitment policy is seriously tested and their summer fling becomes the beginning of something neither of them expected.


Chandler is a busy nursing student on a mission to finish school and support her mom. She has no time for dating or relationships. However, Moses is persistent and charismatic. He may just make her rethink her decision and consider that maybe a summer fling will be just what the doctor ordered. Will he heart be able to handle a no-strings situation with a virile, magnet man of her dreams? Can she look beyond her own hurt to give of herself and heal another past their breaking point?

Get all caught up

It's not required to read Book 1 to read Book 2 but I would absolutely love if you would read Elevated Inferno: Monet's Moment and leave a review on Amazon and GoodReads as we wait for the release of Breaking Point: Chandler's Choice.

Stay tuned for Advanced Reader Copies request for reviews and Pre-orders coming soon. #BlackSTEMRomance #ElevatedInferno #BreakingPoint #ChandlersChoice #MonetsMoment #MakingSTEMSteamy #SteamySTEM

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